Past Performance

Below is a partial list of our clients and completed projects.

Please contact us for more information.

Major Projects Completed Include:

  • Abraham Lincoln Airport FAA Fire Life Safety Upgrade; Springfield, Illinois
  • ARTCC Panels Replacement FAA Project; Leesburg, Virginia
  • Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility Primary Service and Generator; Ionia, Michigan
  • FAA Utility Replacement Project Radar Site; Oakdale, Pennsylvania
  • Lansing Community College HVAC replacement project; Lansing, Michigan
  • MCI Radar Building HVAC Replacement FAA Project; Kansas City, Missouri
  • Michigan State University Case Hall remodel; East Lansing, Michigan
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport FAA Fire Life Safety Upgrade; Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Moline International Airport FAA Fire Life Safety Upgrade; Moline, Illinois
  • NEXCOM/URR Establishment; Hope, Indiana
  • Portland Iron & Metal 250 KVA electrical service and automated metal shredder; Portland, Michigan
  • Rochester International Airport FAA Fire Life Safety Upgrade; Rochester, Minnesota
  • State of Michigan Mason Building basement remodel; Lansing, Michigan
  • Toledo Express Airport Fire Life Safety Upgrade; Swanton, Ohio
  • Central Michigan Correctional Facility Security, Electrical and Controls Up Grade; St.Louis, Michigan
  • City of Lansing Rotary Park Site Improvements
  • Panera Bread MSU Campus
  • Panera Bread Lansing
  • Utility Locating Fort Custer Battle Creek
  • Utility Locating Brooks Correctional Facility
  • Utility Locating all Jackson Prisons